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Commercial and Industrial Laundry Equipment

We sell the complete line of B&C Technologies equipment. B&C is the industry leader in industrial and commercial laundry equipment with a full line of commercial washers, dryers, ironers, feeders, and folders. Backed by the most trusted names in the industry B&C offers a complete line of commercial laundry equipment to fit any laundry demands. From our reliable line of commercial washing machines to our durable line of dryers and finishing equipment we have everything you need.

Commercial and Industrial Washer Extractors

The B&C Technologies line of industrial and commercial washer-extractors are designed to be effortless and powerful while maintaining a low cost of ownership. Our entire line saves you money over the life of the machine. In addition to a low initial investment, our commercial machines have fewer parts. Fewer parts mean fewer things to break, which leads to less down time for the equipment and fewer repairs.

Higher extraction equals less time in the dryer which reduces energy consumption and increases savings. The savings start with commercial washing machines that are designed to be easily installed. Your laundry can be up and running in hours instead of days.

Our commercial washers are engineered with the finest components to ensure a longer lasting machine. Our inverter driven single motor design offers flexible operation, precise speed control and verified motor protection. Every component that comes into contact with the wash solution is 304 (18/8) Stainless Steel. The entire B&C Technologies line features our proven frame design, the strongest in the industry. The backbone of any machine is the frame and ours is designed and tested to stand the true rigorous demands of continuous operation in your laundry.


Commercial Dryers & Industrial Dryers

To complement our line of superior washer-extractors, B&C Technologies offers the most rugged dryers in the industry. A low initial investment is only the beginning of your savings. All B&C dryers are manufactured with fewer parts which means fewer break downs, less downtime and less maintenance. Easy installation saves you money and time, allowing you to have your have your laundry up and running in a matter of hours. Engineered and manufactured with installation in mind, these sturdy dryers use welded steel cabinets and heavy duty steel bases that can be easily moved without damaging the machine.

The B&C line features an energy saving, fully enclosed, insulated cabinet. This leads to much quieter operation as well as keeping the heat in the dryer where it belongs. High airflow rates and high BTU burners dry the goods quickly for increased productivity in the laundry.

Our durable drive system is built to last. Fully enclosed fan cooled motors, cast iron pulleys, plus a standard stainless steel drying cylinder make the B&C line of dryers the best value in the industry.

Never waste time and money over drying your goods again. Humidity sensing is available on all machines that are equipped with the microprocessor control.

Even the doors are designed for ease of use and long life. Swinging doors open 180 degrees for increased accessibility. Maintenance on the B&C dryer door is reduced by our service free magnetic latch and our gasket free design. You'll find exactly what fits your drying needs.


Commercial Ironers & Industrial Ironers


The B&C line of ironers provides you with outstanding performance at the lowest price. Increased efficiency, fewer parts, and low maintenance help save you money.

The robust, energy efficient inverter drive system allows for incredibly flexible operation and excellent protection for the motor. By using the latest technology our drive system provides precise speed control and soft starting which reduces stress on critical components.

Our easy to use controls are designed to provide accurate temperature regulation and can be adjusted at any time.

Nomex padding and belts are long lasting and impervious to the high temperatures found in the ironing environment. The heavy duty steel frame gives our ironer strength and durability.

The operator's safety is of utmost importance. We ensure a safe to use machine by utilizing industry standard safety features such as circuit protection, emergency stops located around the machine and interlocked panels.


commercial and industrial ironers
commercial laundry finishers

Commercial Finishers & Industrial Finishers

B&C Technologies is there for your laundry needs from beginning to end. We take you step by step starting with our line of economical, high efficiency washers, then to our powerful line of dryers and drying cabinets, on to our unsurpassed single roll and multi roll deep chest ironers and finally to our dependable feeders and folders. Using only the highest quality components, our finishing equipment is designed to produce outstanding results and long life. We designed our machines with simplicity in mind, keeping our equipment user friendly and easy to maintain. This allows for savings of both training time and repair costs. We know there are varying demands of laundries - that is why our feeders and folders offer versatility. Our ergonomic, user friendly design allows for stress free operation. The incredible speed of our line of folders allow you to increase your productivity while maintaining high quality output. Folding equipment from B&C Technologies gives your goods a perfect finishing touch.